2007 All Conference


BCSL American
2nd team Honorable mention

First Team

D: Julie Trapini, River Dell

D: Brianna Regan-Rutherford

D: Tori Roth, River Dell

D: Mary Haines, Ridgefield Park

D: Maggie Walsh, Tenafly

D: Megan Birch, Tenafly

D: Tara Keegan, Westwood

M: Chrissy Klepper, River Dell

M: Trish Berkanish, River Dell

M: Nichole Verost, Westwood

M: Bry Bonavita, River Dell

M: Jessica Skowronski, Rutherford

M: Sarah Smith, Dumont

F: Veronica McGorry, Rutherford

F: Giana Scerbo, Ridgefield Park

F: Courtney Snyder, River Dell

F: Risa Rabinowitz, Tenafly

F: Jenna Silver, Fort Lee

F: Amanda May, Westwood

G: Emily Mino, River Dell

G: Kat Renteria, Cliffside Park

Second Team

D: Eloise Soriano, Fort Lee

D: Taylor DiBenedetto, Westwood

D: Katie Collins, Queen of Peace

D: Catherine Branagh, Dumont

D: Portland Small, Tenafly

M: Courtney Hatton, Ridgefield Park

M: Kimie Mittman, Fort Lee

M: Vanessa Ospina, Englewood

M: Alexis Roura, Tenafly

M: Julia Ireland, Rutherford

M: Kim Shaw, Cliffside Park

M: Chelsea Len, Queen of Peace

M: Shannon Joseph, Westwood

M: Sherri Lajoie, River Dell

F: Ilyse Rohlman, Tenafly

F: Ariane Ackerman, River Dell

F: Amanda Moursy, Rutherford

F: Carly Lynn, Ridgefield Park

F: Lindzy Williams, Westwood

G: Talia Guida, Rutherford
Honorable Mention

Denise Fagundes, Antonia Caratozzolo, Cliffside Park; Brielle Barclay, Kaitlin Billera, Dumont; Rosa Almoza, Janet Tasigianis, Englewood; Vanessa Diaz, Christine Soriano, Fort Lee; Kara Collins, Janine Amado, Queen of Peace; Danielle Santiago, Stephanie Russo, Ridgefield Park; Anna Rothschild, Alyssa Stephen, River Dell; Marissa Cirrilla, Nicole Leonard, Rutherford; Casey Flores, Alyssa Potolsky, Tenafly; Kaila Fasano, Jess Lustman, Westwood.

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